We are introducing HOBACA, software for managing electric vehicle charging stations!

The intuitive platform provides operators with a comprehensive suite of tools, including billing and payment integration, reservation and demand response services, fleet management, statistics, and analytics reports, making EV charging station operations seamless and efficient.


Improving revenue and grid stability through a user friendly interface.

A User-friendly interface allows operators to easily track and optimize revenue, reduce downtime, and contribute to the grid’s stability, all from one centralized system.

User quickly scans the QR code and starts his charge in a few seconds, with no need for registration and mobile app installation. He quickly pays for his charging session using a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. Users can track their charging progress and receive a notification when it’s finished.


Real-Time Management for Seamless EV Charging with HOBACA.

With HOBACA, EV charging station operators can easily monitor and manage their stations in real time, ensuring a smooth charging experience for users.

Check WEBSITE for more info and find out why the HOBACA platform is the best solution for every charge point operator.

Experience the power of HOBACA and revolutionize your EV charging station management!